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Never seen: Crucified

I don’t know how this could happen, that I never saw this ingenious supergay video of the song: Crucified – Army of Lovers.

Army of Lovers – Crucified

Playlist: Relaxing music – djkonski – Musik, die entspannt mostly Piano

Ich habe eine Playlist für Entspannung der folgenden Art zusammengestellt, die naturgemäß subjektiv ist und daher für mich funktioniert und das für folgende Szenarien:

Musik um in Trance zu gehen. – Musik um zu Arbeiten für kreative Denkarbeit. Arbeit am Computer, die stimulierend ist und den Flow unterstützt. und die Arbeits-Trance aufrecht erhält.

Fertige Entspannungsplaylists und alles, was Spotify so vorschlägt, ist für mich nervig und ich kann mit Sphärenklängen oder Panflöten etc. nichts anfangen. Auch mag ich es nicht oder selten, wenn gesungen wird und dass möglicherweise in einer Sprache, die ich verstehe. Ich sehe mich dann gezwungen zuzuhören und auf den Text zu achten.

Herauskristalisiert haben sich folgende 3 Kategorien, für welche ich begonnen habe Playlists zu erstellen:

  • Pianomusik (obige Playlist)
  • Geräusche bis Ambient Instrumental-Musik (Eher rhythmische Wiederholungen von Maschinengeräuschen und keine Naturgeräusche oder Vogelgezwitscher oder Bienensummen.)
  • Filmmusik aus dem Fantasy-Genre ohne Gesang.

Nun, es ist work in progress und ich teste.

djkonski’s playlist 2020-11

Some people


I don’t know what ist is, that Moby’s latest tattoos annoy me so much.

I have actually no problem at all with Greta Thunberg and I think she is right and I am happy, that she does a job, no one else could do as well as she does, although they tried. And there were many.

I’m kind of confused, that anyone really could have this hate-feelings against her. I actually don’t understand people, who do have hateful feelings or who mock her. And I also don’t understand people who say Thunberg-Jokes are forbidden.

Back to Moby. He is one of my heroes. I loved him and his work from the day I learned to know him and his album Play in 2001 and from then on I always thought, how great it would be being at one of his concerts and I always thought, there surely will be another or even greater success then Play, there will be something big. Something no one expects, cause I still think he is an incredibly talented genius. And I better should stop writing now.

These tattoos ANIMAL RIGHTS on his arms are so ugly and irritating to me, that I am concerned there is something wrong with me and that I just don’t understand art and I am the one who has a problem.

I am actually very pro animal rights and I am eating less and less animals and I really think everyone has surly the right to be a vegan as hardcore as he wants to and even tell all meat eaters, that they are wrong and even make some actions to let them feel uncomfortable eating meat.

Maybe this is, what Moby wants.

I think, I only hate ugly tattoos.

Baby Bye Bye – Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Another song that sounds happy but is sad, kind of.

DIRECTOR Tom Coles I DOP Mark Warmington I Production Co Undercranked ‚Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Baby Bye Bye‘ from Mark Warmington on Vimeo.

Les Rita Mitsouko is a big love of mine. When I started studying in Graz I bought the Album The No Comprendo it had some fake scratches, which I found cool. The Song Marcia was not on this Allbum, but it is one of my favorite tracks, although it’s about death and dying and dancing and living.

Wikipedia: „It is a tribute to Argentine dancer and choreographer Marcia Moretto, who participated in the band’s tours before her death from breast cancer in 1981 at the age of 32.“ Look at the costumes, the paintings, the choreography! And the google who did these.

Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila from Colin McLovin on Vimeo.