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Here is a link to my Moby Playlist on Tidal

Gardening, cooking, DJ-ing & Graphic Design till I‘m fixed…

It is always difficult to maneuver the food through my mutilated constricted belly.
I will not try another time to work employed at a job, where I have to sit for hours and need a functioning digestion. This just doesn’t work when I sit. And the bad thing is, when I force myself to do so, my eyes get inflamed and I risk another bowelswitch, which is the most hurtful and cruelest thing I ever have experienced (4 times) in my life and it lasts at least half a year, till it feels kind of normal again.

I feel quite good now, that it is sure, that my belly will be investigated and that I have it clear for myself, that I will never work employed again, till this isn‘t repaired and this medical failsurgery has been reversed.

UPDATE: I went to the hospital on July 13th, to finally get this laparoscopic investigation done. I was sent home on the next day, because the surgeon, who promised me to do the investigation, had too many things to do. This laparoscopic investigation has been postponed and will be performed at the end of August.

In the meantime I will do gardening, cooking, DJ-ing and work self employed as Graphic Designer at www.kpdesign.at .

I am testing Tidal as Spotify replacement

I’m testing tidal

this is just a test. Looks promissing. There also is a family-plan like spotify and I can dj with it.

DJAY discontinues Spotify-Support or the other way round

This is really sad. Shame on you Spotify!

I really liked this feature that I could curate my playlists on the go wherever and whenever I had time to do so with any listening device (mobile phone, laptop) and then be ready to play an 8 hours DJ-gig.

Now I have to find a new streaming platform, that has the same comfort as Spotify and is playable on my DJ-Software and with a DJ-Controller.

I doubt, that I find it soon, but everyone knows, this is the future. Except Spotify they had no significant updates in the last 3 years. I mean, they could have built up a social platform like Instagram but around music…

Never seen: Crucified

I don’t know how this could happen, that I never saw this ingenious supergay video of the song: Crucified – Army of Lovers.

Army of Lovers – Crucified

Chet Faker, Marcus Marr – The Trouble With Us

Chet Faker, Marcus Marr – The Trouble With Us

Bike ride through sunny Graz in Corona times