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I will resist. This is a very important song in Pedro Almodóvars movie Atamé, 1989. It is also a very positive message, It is like Gloria Gaynor’s „I will survive!“ but in spanish and less revenge focused, but more: I will survive against all circumstances. I love the movie Atamé. Listen to it and get a translation, the text is important and it is a nice song.

I wish you all the best for the holidays and the new year to come!

Neil Young

Altough I’m an old Neil-Young fan, I don’t now much about him. This guitar on the Dead Man soundtrack fascinated me and a friend of mine gave me the CD back then.

Today I heard this Buffalo Springfield tune in my head and began to investigate. Steve Stills and Neil Young were members of this band. This song is genius. Just listen to the lyrics, and the guitar.

Now I’ve watched several documentations about Neil Young on Youtube. Very interesting.

Moby at EXIT Music Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia 2009

Sorry for the f*****g annoying  censorship beeps!

Caloncho – El Derroche

Ich glaub ihr braucht ein Bisschen Sommer! Caloncho – El Derroche

New Order – Blue Monday

Bob Mould – I don’t know you anymore

Kranksein sucks! Daher etwas Nostalgie: Hüsker Dü? (norwegisch: Erinnerst du dich?) 1986.

Nein, dieser Song ist neu.

1986 kam ich in die Großstadt Graz, „um Architektur zu studieren“, aber eigentlich nur, weil ich meine Kindheit am Land zu Ende verbüst hatte.

Graffiti6 – Love don’t conquer me

This song reminds me of „Stare into the Sun“ and some other songs. It sounds familiar to me.
We humans like familiar things and we like new things. Sounds familiar, eh!?