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Old School Hip Hop – the soundtrack of freedom and hundred options

Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, It Takes Two

I am asked frequently to play Old School HipHop from the late 80ies. This was the time, when I moved from the country into the „big“ town Graz. And I am still connected to this kind of music, that you don’t get from Spotify and that is never played. Especially when you would need it to comfort your soul in something like home.

When I moved to Graz from the country in 1986 it was like hundreds of options would open up and everything would be possible and I could leave the old Konrad behind and start a new life, with the friends and people I would choose freely and not people who were chosen for me like classmates.

Later I had to realise, that some problems always come with you, no matter where you run, travel or go to or which people you choose to be around, but not in 1986.

In 1986 everything was new and exciting and that is why old school hip hop is the soundtrack of revolution and freedom and excitement, that school is over and that from now on, I will live how I want to.

Baby Bye Bye – Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Another song that sounds happy but is sad, kind of.

DIRECTOR Tom Coles I DOP Mark Warmington I Production Co Undercranked ‚Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Baby Bye Bye‘ from Mark Warmington on Vimeo.

Les Rita Mitsouko is a big love of mine. When I started studying in Graz I bought the Album The No Comprendo it had some fake scratches, which I found cool. The Song Marcia was not on this Allbum, but it is one of my favorite tracks, although it’s about death and dying and dancing and living.

Wikipedia: „It is a tribute to Argentine dancer and choreographer Marcia Moretto, who participated in the band’s tours before her death from breast cancer in 1981 at the age of 32.“ Look at the costumes, the paintings, the choreography! And the google who did these.

Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila from Colin McLovin on Vimeo.


I will resist. This is a very important song in Pedro Almodóvars movie Atamé, 1989. It is also a very positive message, It is like Gloria Gaynor’s „I will survive!“ but in spanish and less revenge focused, but more: I will survive against all circumstances. I love the movie Atamé. Listen to it and get a translation, the text is important and it is a nice song.

I wish you all the best for the holidays and the new year to come!

Neil Young

Altough I’m an old Neil-Young fan, I don’t now much about him. This guitar on the Dead Man soundtrack fascinated me and a friend of mine gave me the CD back then.


Today I heard this Buffalo Springfield tune in my head and began to investigate. Steve Stills and Neil Young were members of this band. This song is genius. Just listen to the lyrics, and the guitar.

Now I’ve watched several documentations about Neil Young on Youtube. Very interesting.

Moby at EXIT Music Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia 2009

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Caloncho – El Derroche

Ich glaub ihr braucht ein Bisschen Sommer! Caloncho – El Derroche