get to know Moby

Moby is one of my heroes! His first successful album PLAY got me hooked around 2001, yes I was late.

I saw videos of Moby performing and it was like the „wrong“ person was on the stage, the person who normally hides behind the lead singers and the drums or the keyboard.

Actually finally the right person was on stage: the brain, the composer, the DJ, the sampler, the programmer, the arranger, the nerd, the consumer …

If you like some of Moby’s music or not, go watch some music videos or videos of Moby performing.

If you like what you heard and watched, listen to this: Moby talking to RuPaul:

Moby, Porcelain - A Memoir




And by then you will be aware that Moby wrote a book:

Porcelain, A Memoir and you will want to read it or listen to it.

und hier geht es zu meiner Best of Moby – Playlist