Ich lege wieder auf

Sehr sporadisch lege ich wieder auf. So für eine Geburtststagsfeier auf einer Kärntner Alm im Juli und nun für eine Büroweihnachtsfeier als letzter Akt. Alle anderen sind meine Vorgruppen ;-). Habe für 3 Stunden Musik vorbereitet. Vielleicht wird es noch mehr. Ach da fällt mir ein: One more time von daft punk fehlt noch.

Website Umzug

Die Website ist von world4you.com zu domaintechnik.at gezogen.

World4you hat sich seit 2018 verändert und ich glaube sie machen den geordneten gewinnmaximierten Shut Down, indem sie gar keinen Kundenservice mehr bieten und Kunden, die zwei Fragen haben, lieber loswerden, als diese zu beantworten, weil es dafür 50 andere gibt, die einfach nur zahlen und zu faul sind umzuziehen. World4You.com gehört meiner Meinung nach nun einer Heuschreckenfirma.

Service ist Verlust. Kaufen, plündern, wegwerfen.

Be my Yoko Ono!


I like The Lord of the Rings. I am a huge fan. I am now reading it for the second time, because I have literally read everything George RR. Martin has produced by now (except the Wildcard Series) and I always need something to read when I wake up because of my stupid belly in the middle of the night, that has the potential to distract me from the pain and capture my thoughts, that I can sleep again or have read a nice piece of good literature instead of just having laid awake with troubling or angry thinking.

I haven’t read Silmarillion yet, my memory is not so good and it is a pleasure to read LOTR again and be able to pay attention to all the details, that made no sense at the first read.

I know that The LOTR has influenced and inspired the creation of Art especially music. I will write about other bands and music someday.

There is one special Austrian band, that has dedicated almost there entire oeuvre to themes from The Lord of the Rings. The band is called Summoning.

Give it a try! I am just doing this right now. – I will tell you later, if it was worth it.

Here is a link to my Moby Playlist on Tidal

Old School Hip Hop – the soundtrack of freedom and hundred options

Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, It Takes Two

I am asked frequently to play Old School HipHop from the late 80ies. This was the time, when I moved from the country into the „big“ town Graz. And I am still connected to this kind of music, that you don’t get from Spotify and that is never played. Especially when you would need it to comfort your soul in something like home.

When I moved to Graz from the country in 1986 it was like hundreds of options would open up and everything would be possible and I could leave the old Konrad behind and start a new life, with the friends and people I would choose freely and not people who were chosen for me like classmates.

Later I had to realise, that some problems always come with you, no matter where you run, travel or go to or which people you choose to be around, but not in 1986.

In 1986 everything was new and exciting and that is why old school hip hop is the soundtrack of revolution and freedom and excitement, that school is over and that from now on, I will live as I want to.

I am testing Tidal as Spotify replacement

I’m testing tidal

this is just a test. Looks promissing. There also is a family-plan like spotify and I can dj with it.