Sadness as creativity booster

Sadness often is a creativity booster. Or in other words, when I don’t want to talk or have said it all and I can’t sleep and thoughts run wild, then listening to music helps me. This playlist was made in a sad mood:

Scrobbling songs works again. :-)

When I’m listening to music with Spotify-App on my smartphone, the tracks I’m listening to are shown automatically on this webpage in the sidebar. This is called scrobbling: it puts the songs to and then on this page. And this scrobbling didn’t work for more than a month now. Logging out and logging in on my smartphone solved this problem. 😉 So easy, but you have to do it. Have a nice day!

2017-10-08 Playlist I made

Je suis un Rock Star

This is my summer hit for now.

The Soundtrack of your Life

As a DJ and Architect I’m interested to give space and time for life to happen and to amplify and create feelings with a soundtrack.

One of the books, that impressed me deeply lately is American Gods by Neil Gaiman. This incredible story about stories about gods and men has been converted into a TV-series.

courtesy of STARZ

Books have the big advantage over movies, that you can read what characters are thinking. And movies have music.

#NowPlaying Avalon – 1999 Digital Remaster von Roxy Music