It’s complicated…
I’m listening with via various sources, devices, apps, programs,… some of them count the songs others don’t.

Also this year was a special year. At the end of 2014 I transferred my whole music mp3 collection into iTunes and am organizing it in iTunes since then and was also listening to it mostly via iTunes.
But then came Spotify and changed my listening habit and my personal iTunes-Charts didn’t have any relevance anymore.

So I decided to put 2 top 25 lists on here.
The 2015 top 25 iTunes-list is the list of the songs I listened most in the first half of 2015 and the Spotify-List is a snapshot of my sound research and taste of the last 6 month’s. But this is the list, that I scrobbled to, that means only the songs that I listened online with scrobbling activated.

As I said: it’s complicated.

Top 25 iTunes-Charts 2015 djkonski