It’s kind of obvious, that I like Spotify. There are several reasons why I like it so much.

Maybe it could be any other Streaming Service, but Spotify has this cool killer feature, that let’s you DJ with songs, you don’t even own (Only for Mac and Android by now).

Most people think, that a permanent  internet connection is needed to listen to music on Spotify. This is complete bogus.
If you want to listen to the songs of all your playlists in the hut on the mountain without wifi, you just flip the toggle switch to download them, while you still have wifi.

I use iTunes to organize my mp3-collection and I would have loved to use Apple-Music as streaming service with a buy-it-now-button, but when you DJ the mp3’s are your treasure and you cannot let anyone mess around with your files.

That is why I needed something apart from the iTunes-Music-Player-Organizer-Shop-Cloud-thing to listen to new music and find new tracks…

I believe, that Spotify is the best music streaming service by now and what is truly awesome is the way they work: there culture.

…when we fail fast, we can learn fast…