This playlist is kind of dark. Dark things are happening. Life is not easy cheesy now. A friend of mine, a bit younger than I, died from cancer leaving two very young daughters and his wife behind. The refugee crisis is right here. Refugees travel in the same train I take from work home. I watch less and less news. Everything is so polarizing. The first track is called Jardines. Jardines means gardens. The garden is the place where I go, when the world is too confusing and too crazy and hostile. I’m in the garden, when I read a book and I’m in the garden, when I listen to music. The garden is a guarded place with a razor blade fence around.

This playlist consists of 11 and not 10 tracks as usual, because the previous playlist contained 1 old track. (I messed it up again. So 10 playlists have 99 tracks.)

Only because I subconsciously chose this dark songs, and I later tried to find a reason, doesn’t mean that this is a depressing playlist. I was not depressed at all putting the songs together, I just got a bit sad, when I wrote this.