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Apple, bring back the song star rating to iOS!

My music life was so good before iOS10.

I was happily walking and driving through my life listening to music on my mobile devices. Sorting and grooming my whole music collection, making playlists, preparing gigs wherever and whenever I wanted and needed to. It was quick and easy, and I was a happy fanboy of the great inventors of the iPod, which was once a device to listen to music.

Since the update of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices to the latest version (iOS10), the former easy star rating of songs has completely disappeared. I think it is because Apple (Music) wants to know wether you like a song, or you dislike a song, to give you more of what you like, to keep you cozy in your echo chamber or maybe suggest you some really cool stuff from other people with the same taste.

People like me used to „misuse“ the star rating system to put songs of their music collection easily in 6 different categories of their own choice.

My song star rating categories

My 6 song star rating categories have nothing to do with the quality of the song, so this information is useless for data miners:

0 stars – delete? or dunno.

1* Austro Schlager Schnulz ABBA, Boney M, or minimum 0,9 ‰ alc.

2** easy listening nicht tanzbar (Weltmusik hier auch wenn tanzbar) predance 21-23h

3*** dance disco rock (Klassiker) Lady Gaga Madonna Deep Purple (electroswing wenn tanzbar hier) 23-1h

4**** dance house 1-3h 128bpm schnellere Beats

5***** chill out d&b 3-5h

❤️ hearts to mark current favorites or put songs into next gig’s playlist

0 star + ❤️ is for kind of queer songs, that I don’t want to delete because of various reasons

There are many THE BEST star rating systems, which contradict each other strongly, but they have one thing in common.


Apple can you here me? BRING BACK THE SONG STAR RATING TO iOS!

Please let me be happy again and sign this petition!

If you care about this as much as I do, or if you like me or not, please consider signing one or both current petitions:


there are 2 petitions about this topic on change.org:



Thank you! *****+❤️

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Moby interview – The Ezra Klein Show

Moby, Porcelain - A MemoirMoby is now a favoured guest at talk-shows, because he just published „the first part“ of his biography: PORCELAIN – A  MEMOIR and because he really lived a Bohemian life of an Artist with no money and no or a very uncertain future and nothing else learned but making music.

One thing they talk about in this podcast, which is very calming for me, is: GENRES.

Moby, the great Moby, says that he cannot distinguish music genres

Moby says, that his solipsistic, precarious phases, were good for his creative process.

I’m just imagining pushy parents of figure skaters changing their plans for their child from becoming a figure skater to musician, so they stop pushing and just throw them out of the house when they are 16 years old.