#NowPlaying Falling in Love von Vario Volinski


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#NowPlaying Finder – Original von Ninetoes


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Moby interview – The Ezra Klein Show

Moby, Porcelain - A MemoirMoby is now a favoured guest at talk-shows, because he just published „the first part“ of his biography: PORCELAIN – A  MEMOIR and because he really lived a Bohemian life of an Artist with no money and no or a very uncertain future and nothing else learned but making music.

One thing they talk about in this podcast, which is very calming for me, is: GENRES.

Moby, the great Moby, says that he cannot distinguish music genres

Moby says, that his solipsistic, precarious phases, were good for his creative process.

I’m just imagining pushy parents of figure skaters changing their plans for their child from becoming a figure skater to musician, so they stop pushing and just throw them out of the house when they are 16 years old.

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How does Fatboy Slim create a track?

I have got this video from https://facebook.com/digitaldjtips/ 

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Moby at EXIT Music Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia 2009

Sorry for the f*****g annoying  censorship beeps!

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Playlist 2016 djkonski week 24

This playlist is a little stimulation for you. Tracks you won’t here on the radio.

Especially I do like the first track Maps by OYLS. It reminds me of something, but I don’t know of what.

My SEO-program tells me that I’m lousy and should write more. I’m at home bored and annoyed.

Oh, come on, how much do I have to write, to satisfy you?

Maybe I will try to write a little bit more sensible stuff next time, but this time I just want to satisfy my seo.

Ok, now I will write a little bit about Wild Beasts running from the atomic bomb, maps show them the way to the club where she says: all come to bed… Nice Raumakustik here.

Finally SEO says: OK! 🙂

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Moby talks with RuPaul and wrote a book: Porcelain

get to know Moby

Moby is one of my heroes! His first successful album PLAY got me hooked around 2001, yes I was late.

I saw videos of Moby performing and it was like the „wrong“ person was on the stage, the person who normally hides behind the lead singers and the drums or the keyboard.

Actually finally the right person was on stage: the brain, the composer, the DJ, the sampler, the programmer, the arranger, the nerd, the consumer …

If you like some of Moby’s music or not, go watch some music videos or videos of Moby performing.

If you like what you heard and watched, listen to this: Moby talking to RuPaul:

Moby, Porcelain - A Memoir




And by then you will be aware that Moby wrote a book:

Porcelain, A Memoir and you will want to read it or listen to it.

und hier geht es zu meiner Best of Moby – Playlist

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