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Österreichische und deutsche Medien überschlagen sich mit der Falschmeldung: „Neil Young stellt alle Alben gratis zum Download ins Netz“.

Natürlich wollte ich sofort alle mp3’s downloaden.

Nix da mit downloaden, man kann sie gratis streamen.

Neil Young hält den gängigen 320 kbit/s Kompressions-Standard bei Musikdateien (mp3) für nicht gut genug.

Nun bietet er unter

sein Oeuvre zum Streamen an.

Das ganze funktioniert nur online. Mit einem Schalter kann man zwischen 320 kbit/s und Xstream wechseln. Ich meinte einen kleinen Unterschied zu hören.

Liebe Medien. Download und Streamen ist zwar irgendwie ähnlich, aber dann doch wieder nicht.

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Always look what the others do, before you start to dance. #NOT

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Sadness as creativity booster

Sadness often is a creativity booster. Or in other words, when I don’t want to talk or have said it all and I can’t sleep and thoughts run wild, then listening to music helps me. This playlist was made in a sad mood:

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Scrobbling songs works again. :-)

When I’m listening to music with Spotify-App on my smartphone, the tracks I’m listening to are shown automatically on this webpage in the sidebar. This is called scrobbling: it puts the songs to and then on this page. And this scrobbling didn’t work for more than a month now. Logging out and logging in on my smartphone solved this problem. 😉 So easy, but you have to do it. Have a nice day!

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2017-10-08 Playlist I made

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Je suis un Rock Star

This is my summer hit for now.

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The Soundtrack of your Life

As a DJ and Architect I’m interested to give space and time for life to happen and to amplify and create feelings with a soundtrack.

One of the books, that impressed me deeply lately is American Gods by Neil Gaiman. This incredible story about stories about gods and men has been converted into a TV-series.

courtesy of STARZ

Books have the big advantage over movies, that you can read what characters are thinking. And movies have music.

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